Sandbach Makers Market!

Hello Everyone, 

I recently visited Sandbach Makers Market looking for inspiration for my Food Photography work - and I was spoiled for choice with all the fantastic stalls!

The Makers Market visits my hometown of Sandbach on the second Saturday of each month and brings with it a wide variety of stalls - featuring tasty treats as well as handmade crafts and gifts - and even musicians!

It’s a fantastic monthly event that always seems to draw a crowd and seems to help to bring extra business into our little town!

When I was there I decided to buy some very tasty and attractive cupcakes - see previous blog post - though there was almost too much to choose from! 

The Cheshire Macaron Company

The Cumbrian Pie Company

The Mezze Company

Powells Pies

J&K Fudge

The Little Cat Company

Dreaming Dragons

Debbie Adamson - Art & Design

Blossom & Bronze

Sweet Occasions by Charlotte

Chris Tavener Music

I really enjoy wandering around the Makers Market and supporting the visiting businesses. There were however a few stalls in particular which caught my eye! 

This stall called Sugarcake had a fantastic variety of sweet-treats! 

And I just had to try the delicious Chicken Kebabs which were on sale at this stall called Vanillis

Pie Love make a fantastic range of pies and is based not far from where I live - I also love their slogan “Live the Pie Life”! 

Black Star Ceramics make these lovely colourful ceramics and are all hand made in Crewe.

Moose & Bear Designs make these fabulously detailed laser cut designs. I’m definitely going to be making a purchase from this creative company next time I visit the Makers Market! 

I was really interested in the Bounceback Food stall. I got chatting with the man on the stall who explained the concept behind it. For every item brought on the stall, the same item would be donated to a local food bank! He also explained that they hope to roll out their own brand of products into supermarkets across the UK with the same concept! I thought it was a really innovative idea and a great way to support local food banks! For further information click here

These glorious cakes we’re part of the CUPCAKE stall where I brought the fantastic cupcakes in my previous post. How could I not buy cakes from this stall - they all look so incredible! 

It was great to see all of the unique items on offer at the Makers Market - It’s such a wonderful event to have in the town each month! 

I will definitely be visiting again soon! :D

Kelly x

N.B. I have tried to list all vendors where possible, however if I haven’t listed you just let me know and I will add your business name to your photograph. I have provided links for highlighted vendors. 

Food Photography: CUPCAKE

Hello Everyone, 

I recently visited Sandbach Makers Market to take some photographs and to find inspiration for my food photography work.

There were lots of fantastic stalls with an array of crafts and homemade treats. I will be doing a blog post about the Makers Market soon; however this post concerns the fabulous cupcakes I purchased whilst I was there!

Having looked around the various stalls and chatting with the lovely owners I decided that I wanted to buy a selection of cakes which I could take home to photograph - and of course EAT

There were lots to chose from however the CUPCAKE cakes were undoubtably the stars of the show and the lovely ladies on the stall were a major selling point! 

We had got chatting earlier when they had seen me wandering around with my camera so I introduced myself and told them I was a local photographer. 

The cakes on the stall looked incredible! And I knew they would be perfect to photograph! 

Just look at them!

There was a whole variety and they looked so perfectly decorated as well as incredibly delicious - which they were! 

Each cupcake had its own flavour and feature so I decided to pair them up with a matching sweet-treat on the side! 

They were really fun to photograph and these last two were most definitely my favourite!

I mean who could possibly say no to a Caramac Cupcake! <3

I really loved creating these Foodie Photographs - and of course eating the incredible cakes! :D 

When I had finished I decided to contact Vikki who owns CUPCAKE and created these fabulous cakes via Twitter to show her photographs I had created with her cakes!

She was really liked the photographs and was kind enough to offer me passes to the Eat and Drink Festival this weekend at Event City in Manchester! 

So I’m going to be heading there tomorrow and making a beeline for Vikki’s stall to get some more of her yummy cupcakes! 

Thank you Vikki for your very kind offer - I’ll see you there! 

Anyway I can’t wait to go to the festival tomorrow and I will hopefully get to take some great photographs of the event too - I’m sure a blog post will be coming soon!

If you would like to contact Vikki about her cakes then you can find her page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter!  

Take Care, 

Kelly x 

Food Photography: Homemade Bakes!

Hello Everyone!  

After working with Laura on her project (see previous post) it really did spark my interest in doing more Foodie Photography! 

Food photography is something which I haven’t really done since college when two of
my images were chosen by a national chain for their new product campaigns. 

However it is a type of photography I have always enjoyed and anyone who knows me knows how much I also enjoy baking and food in general for that matter! (Who doesn’t…?)

This seemed like a good excuse to get my oven gloves on and do some baking! 

I was a little pressed for time but I managed to make some lovely Chocolate Chip
Cookies and some AMAZING (even if I do say so myself) Millionaire Shortbread! 

This was also a great chance to take some more Foodie Photographs! 

I played around with a few different compositions …

… However the two below are my favourites! 

I really do enjoy food photography so I will be and have been working on other food photography related projects - so keep checking back for further updates! 

Take Care, 

Kelly x

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