These photographs are part of my most recent series of work 

called "Symptomatic". 

The series is based upon the subject of Mental Health Issues. 

I decided to create this series of photographs as my friend 

suffers from Bipolar Disorder. 

The series is based upon the descriptions my friend gave to me 

about her experiences with Bipolar Disorder; from these 

descriptions I created the props and outfits featured within 

the photographs. 

The captions featured were also taken from the conversations I 

had with my friend about her experiences.

It is my hope that these photographs will raise awareness about 

Mental Health Issues. 

These photographs were featured in INVISO Exhibition over the 

summer which took place in Stoke-on-Trent before moving to 

CUBE Gallery in Manchester. 

The photographs formed part of an awareness conference 

organised by Mind: For Better Mental Health; which 

took place earlier this year and was aimed at discussing 

Counselling for Adults and Young People. 

I have recently been commissioned by Mind: For Better 

Mental Health to work with them on an upcoming

project. I am going to be producing the photographs 

for the campaign; which will be aimed at young males.

For Further Information about Mental Health Issues Visit: 

To 'Pledge' your Support to Help End Mental Health Discrimination and Stigma Visit:

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