Food Photography: Homemade Bakes!

Hello Everyone!  

After working with Laura on her project (see previous post) it really did spark my interest in doing more Foodie Photography! 

Food photography is something which I haven’t really done since college when two of
my images were chosen by a national chain for their new product campaigns. 

However it is a type of photography I have always enjoyed and anyone who knows me knows how much I also enjoy baking and food in general for that matter! (Who doesn’t…?)

This seemed like a good excuse to get my oven gloves on and do some baking! 

I was a little pressed for time but I managed to make some lovely Chocolate Chip
Cookies and some AMAZING (even if I do say so myself) Millionaire Shortbread! 

This was also a great chance to take some more Foodie Photographs! 

I played around with a few different compositions …

… However the two below are my favourites! 

I really do enjoy food photography so I will be and have been working on other food photography related projects - so keep checking back for further updates! 

Take Care, 

Kelly x

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